Virtual Architecture Build Challenge for Youth

Fire up your iPads, friends! Using a virtual world building tool (such as Minecraft), construct an architectural masterpiece for your chance to win $300!
(Castle by Izzy Patten, age 10, Sycamore Elementary)

Start with a site.

Identify your building site in the real world by downloading a map from Google Earth (or similar software). You may choose anywhere. We’ll have a special award for Mississippi sites.

Solve a problem.

Think through the needs of your site’s community. Consider where the sun will rise and set in order to consider how light will interact with your structure and occupants. Brainstorm ways to respect the earth and integrate your place with the existing landscape and structures.

Catch a creative wave.

Now dig in with your virtual world building tool!  Build your structure and populate it with people, animals, and more.

Upload your brilliance.

Entries should be submitted via email by October 1, 2018. Save screenshots of your masterpiece and compose a 10-slide presentation. Accepted formats include PDF (highly recommended), JPG, PowerPoint and Word. Our committee will review the designs and present awards at the AIA|MS annual ceremony, Mississippi Celebrates Architecture in Jackson, Mississippi on October 25, 2018. The Grand Prize is $300. Additional awards will be given based on submissions and program sponsorship.