New Building Area
480 sf

$167 / sf

Construction Cost

February 2018

Tall House

Architects: Tall Architects |
Vancleave, MS 

The Tall House is an experiment in living small, building with affordable materials, and utilizing unconventional space planning.

The Tall House was designed and built as a micro laboratory in order to test new and affordable materials, massing, space planning, and building techniques. 

The home is comprised of two buildings separated by an outdoor living area centered around an oak tree. Each building measures 10’x24’ for a total of 480 square feet of living space. When deciding on the location of the home, the owners were torn between city and country, with a four acre piece of land fifteen minutes from town ultimately sealing the deal. With an idea that the city might eventually call them back, they tasked the architects with designing a house that could be moved. The architects dug into the means and methods of moving large sheds (the kind you find in suburban backyards), and used these moving parameters to guide the dimensions of the buildings. This resulted in elevating the home three feet above grade, using fasteners and strapping that could easily be removed and replaced, and having a maximum exterior height of 11’.  The architects welcomed the challenge of building a moveable home that didn’t feel like a trailer or a “tiny house”.

The south building houses a bedroom, bath, and small office that occasionally doubles as a guest room, while the north building houses a kitchen, living area, dining area, and laundry. The deck in between serves as outdoor living space, pseudo tree house, and is capped on two sides by amphitheater-like stairs.


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2018 AIA Mississippi Celebrates Architecture – Design Citation Award

Owner/Client: Madison + Mark Talley

Architect(s) of Record: Tall Architects

Project Team
Madison Talley, AIA
Mark Talley, AIA

General Contractor
Arguelles Marine Contracting