Our Partners Make Our Programming Possible

We depend on the support of our Mississippi Allied Partners Program (MAPP) to ensure that our programming has substantial impact. We’ve development promotional opportunities to show our appreciation and help you captivate an architectural audience.

This year we have restructured the program to address feedback received from previous partners.

We are working hard to create newly re-imagined exposure opportunities that captivate YOUR specific target audience. A booth in our Annual Convention Expo hall is the perfect venue for some. For others, the opportunity to host a cocktail reception or support a youth component may be more suited. This year you have a host of choices with more coming throughout the year as other events & projects are coordinated.

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Convention is bigger than ever. We’re hosting at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis in partnership with AIA|Memphis and AIA|National. Our marketing materials are targeted to a nationwide audience of architects, to youth (especially scout groups), to BIM certification registrants, emerging professionals, the general public and more. A major focus of AIA|MS is to increasingly incorporate the public into our programming so that we can educate about how the work of architects extends into every aspect of the built world. Capturing their attention requires programming that is relevant to them. We have that. Download the Convention Opportunities flyer or visit the Convention web page.

A:M Magazine

All MAPP partners will receive unprecedented coverage in our new magazine, A:M (Architecture : Mississippi). This full-color, professionally produced quarterly magazine will be distributed not just to our membership, but also to other vendors, architecture professionals, non-profits, elected officials, the general public and more. The magazine’s mission is to tell the story of “All the Good” work that is being performed by our state’s architects, to draw from Mississippi’s culture and illuminate the people who live, work and play in our built environment. This time architects are the TOPIC – not just the target. Download the A:M Advertising Information.

Better Hurry

The moment we sent notification of this year’s program, we signed up a Gold MAPP partner who laid claim to the title sponsorship of the Peabody Rooftop Party at Convention. Don’t let our best exposure opportunities slip by. 

MAPP Overview Packet

Learn about the overall MAPP amenities available. Complete an enrollment form and lock-in your place among our friends!

Convention Opportunities

Convention is bigger and better than ever. Download the flyer and add these to your enrollment form.

M:A Magazine

This is where we compile engaging content about all of our programming and outreach. Download the flyer.